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A Look Back at Year One

Wow. It’s been a full year since MagCozy got funded on Kickstarter and launched Cozy Industries as a company! It’s easy to get lost in the details when you’re an entrepreneur working hard to maximize every opportunity. But when I think about our first year, it reminds me to celebrate our accomplishments too. Join us for a look back at major milestones from Year One of Cozy Industries. I am incredibly thankful for the people who bring Cozy products into their homes and businesses, the support of my friends, and Cozy’s early success. Looking forward to a future filled with thoughtful solutions! Cheers, Ben   Humble beginnings: early design and prototypes   It takes a village: everybody pitches in to...

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What's in a Meme?

  There's only one sure thing in digital marketing these days: someone is going to ask for content that "goes viral" like it's a feature we've been hiding for special occasions. We totally get it though. People are using "viral" as shorthand for all the things a good marketing campaign should do: build buzz, draw an audience, and maybe even drive some business. How else will we pay for all those orange mocha frappuccinos? The team @ Cozy got silly one night while talking about how to make fun, shareable content. There is no secret recipe for instantly viral content (except keep reading because we'll share some secrets), but we can sure as heck jump on the meme-wagon while we figure...

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Small Business, Big Ideas

Heeeey, we know that guy!  Cozy Industries founder and CEO, Ben Martinek, was featured on the San Francisco Small Business Week website with advice for entrepreneurs. He shared insights with their readers that ranged from strategies for long-term business success to finding inspiration in the local scene. San Francisco Small Business Week is celebrating a decade of supporting over 85,000 local businesses with events that educate and inspire. The 2014 program kicks off on May 12th with a gala hosted by Square, awards, workshops, mixers, and more.  Let us know on Facebook and Twitter if you’ll be there. We’d love to meet you in person!

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