What's in a Meme?


There's only one sure thing in digital marketing these days: someone is going to ask for content that "goes viral" like it's a feature we've been hiding for special occasions. We totally get it though. People are using "viral" as shorthand for all the things a good marketing campaign should do: build buzz, draw an audience, and maybe even drive some business. How else will we pay for all those orange mocha frappuccinos?

The team @ Cozy got silly one night while talking about how to make fun, shareable content. There is no secret recipe for instantly viral content (except keep reading because we'll share some secrets), but we can sure as heck jump on the meme-wagon while we figure it out!

First, we tackled the pain of losing your tiny Apple adapters.


...to douchey guys:



...to cats who love the taste of technology in their hairballs:


...to Ryan Gosling (damn you, Ryan Gosling!!):



You could've gotten a promotion if you only had that adapter:


Gawd, it hurts:


It really, really hurts:


But next time will be better. Next time, you keep that adapter right where you need it:


Hay look! Serious marketing info now:

Cozy Industries began because we felt the pain of losing adapters. It's totally a #firstworldproblem, but still. It's OUR problem, and it needs a solution. If these memes connected with you, it's because you've experienced that pain, too.

So back to the original question: How do you make content that goes viral? One magic ingredient is a strong focus on what you're really solving for your customer. Tell the story of how and why you made that solution, and it will make a connection with your audience, whether you get silly with it or stay serious. We vote, of course, for silly!


Are you funnier than us?

Make your own memes and use the hashtag #CozyMemes to share with us on Twitter!

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