A Look Back at Year One

Wow. It’s been a full year since MagCozy got funded on Kickstarter and launched Cozy Industries as a company!

It’s easy to get lost in the details when you’re an entrepreneur working hard to maximize every opportunity. But when I think about our first year, it reminds me to celebrate our accomplishments too.

Join us for a look back at major milestones from Year One of Cozy Industries. I am incredibly thankful for the people who bring Cozy products into their homes and businesses, the support of my friends, and Cozy’s early success. Looking forward to a future filled with thoughtful solutions!



Humble beginnings: early design and prototypes


It takes a village: everybody pitches in to fill orders and build the business


Big on the internets: launches on Amazon and Cozy Industries site


Up close and personal: Cozy invades retail stores


Solutions for all: expanding the Cozy product line


Gettin' the word out: press hits roll in


Thanks for supporting Cozy! We have a lot more exciting news to share, so stay tuned!

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