PencilCozy Combo Pack
PencilCozy Combo Pack

PencilCozy Combo Pack

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Stop losing that Apple Pencil cap, and nifty little Lightning Adapter that comes with it. Also check out the newest addition PencilCozy-S which includes a cap and works as a stylus on iPhone. 

  • Secures Apple Pencil Cap (Apple Pencil not included)
  • Attaches Lightning adapter to cord (Lightning adapter not included)
  • Stops pencil from rolling off uneven surfaces
  • Fastens tightly to body of pencil
  • Easy to use and durable

PencilCozy holds your Apple Pencil cap snugly and attaches to body of the pencil and doesn't get in the way. LightningCozy will keep your Lightning charging adapter attached to its cord. You'll never waste time searching for the cap or adapter again when it comes time to charge your pencil.

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