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What is Net Neutrality (and why should I care)?

There’s a lot of buzz about Net Neutrality lately, and that’s a good thing because ISP (internet service provider) corporations are messing with the internet’s ability to provide a level playing field to people (rich or poor) and companies (big or small). Watch this short video for a great explanation.     At the beginning of 2014, a law protecting Net Neutrality was struck down. Since then, the ISPs have been playing dirty to make companies pay them a lot of money (on top of the money that we all already pay in order to have internet). Customers complain to the companies affected (ie: when Netflix streaming becomes a lot slower), even though the ISPs slowed the service on purpose. You...

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Apple pulled a “Think Different” on Earth Day

  Happy Earth Day! In case you couldn’t tell, the team @ Cozy looks up to Apple for its attention to design and detail. Yesterday, they launched a video about being better to the environment, with a focus on finding constant improvements in the way they work. We think it’s beautiful: both visually and conceptually. It’s no surprise that we need to treat the earth better. We’re surrounded by frightening stories (Vice did a thought-provoking piece about climate change causing Greenland to melt). But traditional tactics usually either scare us, and then offer no solution, or ask us to do something outside our normal routine to help, like donate money or quit our jobs to volunteer in the Arctic. Apple...

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