Apple pulled a “Think Different” on Earth Day


Happy Earth Day!

In case you couldn’t tell, the team @ Cozy looks up to Apple for its attention to design and detail. Yesterday, they launched a video about being better to the environment, with a focus on finding constant improvements in the way they work.

We think it’s beautiful: both visually and conceptually.

It’s no surprise that we need to treat the earth better. We’re surrounded by frightening stories (Vice did a thought-provoking piece about climate change causing Greenland to melt). But traditional tactics usually either scare us, and then offer no solution, or ask us to do something outside our normal routine to help, like donate money or quit our jobs to volunteer in the Arctic.

Apple pulled a “Think Different” on us again by celebrating what we can all do in our daily lives. We can make the small changes that are possible while juggling jobs and families and that visit to the gym you’ve been promising yourself… and we can feel good about it. It’s a big shift from feeling like nothing we do is good enough to make a difference.

As part of this commitment, Cozy has always used biodegradable packaging (and we want you to know about it!). Yes, there is a lot more to do, and we shouldn’t stop improving. But at least we’re allowed to be proud of the progress we’re making towards those bigger changes.

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