I ordered! Gimme, gimme, (when do you) gimme?

High five, glad you're gettin' your Cozy on! We ship via USPS, which takes about 4-7 business days for delivery within the continental U.S. and 7-14 business days for international orders (depending on local customs).

Do you ship outside of the United States?

Unfortunately no, Post-COVID USPS International prices went a bit too high for most customers. If you need a larger order (More than $100USD), we can work with you to make it happen. Email: hi@cozy-industries.com


Can I get customized Cozys?

Yup! If you’re ordering over 100, we can work with you on custom colors and logos to promote your brand or event. Get in touch with us here.

Do Cozys come with an adapter?

We wish we could include one at the low, low price of a Cozy. It would certainly make the world a better place #amirite?? BUT I can tell you that the Cozy you’re contemplating will help keep your adapter right where you need it most. So you won’t have to replace any lost adapters (which is way more $$ than a Cozy), and you’ll never have to suffer from attachment problem-related nerd rage*.

*Does not protect against other forms of nerd rage.

How do I install a Cozy?

We made it really simple. Every Cozy package has visual instructions on the packaging. Or if you prefer moving pictures, check out this video. Those manly hands and disembodied voice belong to our founder, Ben!


What if I have a question or problem with my order?

Head on over to our Contact page and tell us the dealio. We’re here to help!

What if I want to return an item or have questions about your service?

We always want our customers to be happy. Here is our Terms of Service. If you decide Cozy is not right for you, we understand  Here is our Refund Policy.

I like you guys. Like, a lot!

Aww shucks, thanks! Please subscribe, follow us on Twitter, or like us on Facebook to get updates. But stop peeking in our window, okay? It's awkward.

What are you gonna email me if I subscribe?

Occasional updates about new products that make life better. Haikus. Compliments (your hair looks splendid today, btw).