Making better Ice

Thanks for Drinking Different!

Let's get started with making better ice:

  1. Better Water - It's best to go with distilled water or double boiling tap water for better clarity and less bubbles
  2. Bubbles - Water has surface tension, so it's best to tap all the bubbles out after filling your mold. A fork or toothpick work great for this
  3. Freezer Temp - Ideally you want to set the freezer a bit lower so the ice freezes slower. This will help with stress fractures in the ice. The Fractures are what look like the white cloud in the middle of the ice cube
  4. Insulation - You can put your Drink Different Molds in a food storage container (preferably plastic) to help slow the freezing process
  5. Time your Freeze - for the most clear ice, you will want to time it so it freezes, but without expending internally typically this can take 5-7 hours depending on your freezer settings and the purity of the water

Hope this help and can't wait to see your cubes! Tag us @cozyindustries on instagram.