Custom Cozy Builder- Your cozy in your brand!

Custom Cozy Builder- Your cozy in your brand!

It’s been a while since the last update here at Cozy but we haven’t been sitting still. In the last couple years we’ve launched PencilCozy for Apple Pencil, the original solution for the pencil caps and adapters, and developed three new cozys for USB C adapters. But What we really wanted to talk about was out new Custom Cozy Builder.

Cozy has become a known IT/AV solution provider for adapter holders and cable tethers for many large companies such as Netflix, Google and Airbnb. In fact we work hand in hand with them to create bespoke solutions that delight.
Custom Cozy Adapter Holder for Google, Tune, Pinterest, Airbnb, New Relic

But smaller companies also wanted their own solutions and more over product branding. In the past this has been a labor intensive process, getting the logo, making a mockup and sending over the quote. Those days are gone for the better!

With the Custom Cozy Builder, companies, schools and organizations of all sizes can get a quote for Cozy adapter holders with their colors and branding to keep their adapters where they need them with the branding that engages. We’ve also worked with our supplier to get the minimum required order down as well. 

Simply select the cozy that matches your display adapter, ethernet adapter, or USB C adapter. Then you have the chance to customize the cozy with your brand color, a logo that can be placed on a wireframe of the cozy and select the logo color.  You can add a comment comment if you need something special and then we will get it all set. We confirm all custom orders before the final production, so no need to worry.

So there it is, you create and price a custom branded adapter tether for your organization without all the hassle of email. Go check the Custom Cozy build one for yourself. Still looking for something even more custom? Drop us a line, we can figure it out. 

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