What is Great Design?

It’s surprising how hard it is to get a simple design just right. At Cozy, we create simple products that solve an everyday problem and get out of your way. We call it invisible utility.



That doesn’t mean we think small though. Edwin H. Land, founder of Polaroid, invented instant photography back when that sort of advancement seemed like magic.

He stated “If you sense a deep human need… you make the system to fulfill that need, rather than starting the other way around, where you have something and wonder what to do with it.”

Back then, Land sensed a need to remove the distractions of photography. And when he learned that the technology he needed didn’t exist yet, he pushed through innovations that made “absolute one-step photography” possible.

People like Edwin H. Land remind us that we’re starting from the right place: identifying a need and building a solution that meets it. It’s a long road to changing the world, but the team at Cozy is determined to make a difference!


To learn more about the Polaroid SX-70, read this great article on Technologizer.

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