A Very Cozy BBQ

How’s a fan of Star Wars (May the 4th be with you!), Arrested Development (Cuatro de Cinco!), and actual really Cinco de Mayo supposed to choose?


Answer: you don’t choose. You just invite friends over for a BBQ with tons of grub, a pirate tablecloth (it was either that or Hello Kitty), and a superb homemade strawberry basil mint lemonade by Ben. Guess he invents more than products!


To help our peeps find their way, we had a little fun with chalk.


Which helped us meet our neighbors! So of course, they were invited too. La di da di, we like to party!


Oh look, Cozys can double as wine markers! Man those things are helpful. ;-)


Mas avocados, por favor! Muy delicioso!!


Muchos gracias for a great BBQ, Ben!


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