What is Net Neutrality (and why should I care)?

There’s a lot of buzz about Net Neutrality lately, and that’s a good thing because ISP (internet service provider) corporations are messing with the internet’s ability to provide a level playing field to people (rich or poor) and companies (big or small). Watch this short video for a great explanation.



At the beginning of 2014, a law protecting Net Neutrality was struck down. Since then, the ISPs have been playing dirty to make companies pay them a lot of money (on top of the money that we all already pay in order to have internet). Customers complain to the companies affected (ie: when Netflix streaming becomes a lot slower), even though the ISPs slowed the service on purpose.

You know what this sounds like to us? Like the mob shaking down local shops to make them pay protection money.

One of the great things about the internet is the low cost of entry. These days, a small company (like us!) can reach its customers with an online store. What happens when startups can’t pay the same fees that a large company like Amazon can? Many will go out of business because customers will get impatient with slow page loads and decide not to place an order.

This is an important moment in history. We can band together, tell the FCC how very important Net Neutrality is, and ensure that everyone has equal access to the internet, regardless of money. Visit Save the Internet for a full list of things you can do, big and small. Whatever you can do, do it.


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